Share Plan costs & charges Q&A

Q. How are the percentages derived?
Q. Why does my statement cover a 12 month period?
Q. Are IFA charges included?
Q. Can I request an ad hoc costs and charges disclosure?
Q. What are third party payments?
Q. What is the difference between Product and Service costs?
Q. What is included in the ‘Cumulative effect’ percentage?
Q. One of the Trusts in my Share Plan has been placed in receivership, liquidation or has been suspended on the stock market. Why am I receiving details of Costs and Charges when I have been advised that plan administration fees are being waived?
Q Why is the ongoing charges figure detailed in my Costs and Changes statement higher than the ongoing charges figure detailed in the factsheet for the trust?

For further information on service or product costs and charges, please refer to your Terms and Conditions, Key Information Document and/or Annual Report and Accounts. Copies of these documents can be found at

Risk Warning
Risk warning
The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested. Please refer to the relevant Key Information Document (KID) prior to making an investment decision. Please be aware of scams that can affect investors.